iModalFuels® Setting The Digital Transformation

While organizations that are looking to “digitally transform” themselves need to look long term, they can, and should, apply their digital assets to optimizing today’s key business and operational processes with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

iModalFuels® Lighting Up The Digital Supply Network!

      “Digital Supply Chain is an intelligent, value driven network (Digital Supply Network-DSN) that leverages new approaches with technology and analytics to create new forms of revenue and business value.”

It’s about using analytics with information we have today to make more informed decisions that can generate additional revenues, improve efficiencies and reduce costs. 

iModalFuels®: Creating Agility and Cost-Efficiency to Fuel Innovation

When it comes to driving strategic transformation in IT, the modernization of legacy applications and data sources, through categorization and enhancement, is imperative. These modernized, enhanced applications help organizations focus on revenue generation, innovation, and speed-to-value.

Our Mission


iModalFuels’ mission is to dramatically transform in new intelligent ways how companies conduct logistics and global trade.

Ai + Logistics + Energy

We help companies all over the world create value through their global supply chain by improving margins, achieving greater agility and lowering risk. 

We do this by creating a digital model of the global supply chain that enables collaboration between buyers, sellers and logistics companies. We replace manual and outdated processes with comprehensive automation for global trade activities, including sourcing, supplier management, production tracking, transportation management, supply chain visibility, import and export compliance, and duty management. We provide rich data analytics to uncover areas for optimization and deliver a platform that is responsive and flexible to adapt to the ever-changing nature of global trade.

Our Vision


 iModalFuels leverages new approaches with technology and analytics to create new forms of revenue and business value.

iModalFuels sees an enormous potential for increased collaboration to reduce inefficiency, as suppliers and operators work together under one digital solution, a new potential  standardization across the industry. 


Modern technology has created a new dynamic to improve iModalFuels’ methods of working, the digitalization of functions enables iModalFuels’ App to share intelligent transport data and so influence the better organization of the entire supply chain. The combination of big data, artificial intelligence and geolocation are at the heart of iModalFuels’ current and future thinking and aimed consistently at further simplifying customers’ activities; guaranteeing them new sources of productivity.


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iModalFuels® Optimizing the Oil & Gas Supply Chain

iModalFuels’ new digital solutions enables real-time coordination of transport activity, reporting and analysis of key performance indicators, and document archiving. iModalFuels’ new web portal offers more transparency, agility and simplicity to all those working within the supply chain. 

Data Protection


   Dear Customer/Partner,

   The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force in the European Union on 25 May 2018. This ordinance harmonizes the various European data protection laws. In this context, companies will receive new regulations on how to inform their customers transparently about their processing of data.
In this context, iModalFuels® would like to take the opportunity to make you even more aware of the data we collect and why we do so. We would also like to inform you of your options for protecting your privacy, receiving information about your personal data or managing that data yourself.

iModalFuels® takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. In collecting and processing your personal data, we  together with our partners and service providers have always placed the highest demands on compliance with data protection law. 

We assure you that the protection of your personal data will remain our highest priority in the future.

Best Regards,

Data Protection Office iModalFuels®

iModalFuels® Artificial Intelligence

A new form of Artificial Intelligence is about to transform our world. The impact AI will have is often compared to the advent of the Internet. Others say AI will be as transformative as the discovery of electricity.

iModalFuels® Digital Supply Network!

iModalFuels® vision is to be a growth as a partner for clients, in this context, the digitalization of daily activities aims to simplify life of customers. We see an enormous potential for increased collaboration to reduce inefficiency, as suppliers and operators work together under one digital solution, a new potential  standardization across the industry.

iModalFuels®: Big Data

At iModalFuels®, we believe that the challenge of artificial intelligence is not how intelligent we can make machines: it is how far we can expand human intelligence. Today, human intelligence alone is no longer sufficient to understand and explore the deluge of data we are witnessing.

iModalFuels®: AI To Tackle Climate Change

While there are still some on the earth who claim climate change is a farce, iModalFuels® believes that we need to throw everything possible into slowing down or solving the problem. AI & machine learning are two tools in our climate-change-halting toolbox. The more we utilize AI & machine learning technology to help us understand our current reality, predict future weather events & create new products & services to minimize our human impact, our chances of improving & saving lives.


iModalFuels® is committed to maintaining strong protections for our customers, products and company. 

We believe in building and maintaining trust, reducing risk and simply doing what is right.

iModal Fuels 2019 Privacy Statement (pdf)